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How to make your trip to Komiža a memorable one?

Komiža is a beautiful coastal town situated on the Western Coast of the Island of Vis, in Croatia. Adriatic cruises that pass through the region all the time always choose Komiža as one of their primary destinations. It is a testament to the fact that Komiža has a big place in the hearts of the tourists. We shall explore everything about the ravishing town that amazes thousands of tourists annually.

A little information about the Town of Komiža

In the description of Komiža, we shall explore its geographical landscape and the population situated within the town, with some hints towards their culture.

Geography of Komiža

Amongst all the Islands present on the Central Dalmatian coast, Vis is the furthest and most isolated of them all, and Komiža lies at the Western coast, as compared to the town of Vis (from which this Island was named) that lies at the Eastern coast.
It is one of the only 2 main settlements in the region. It is also quite near the peak called “Hum”, which is about 587 meters, or 1,926 feet above sea level.

Population of Komiža

Komiža initially had a higher population. According to reports, in the 1880s about 3500 people resided there, and the population remained firm on the upward trajectory, until its peak in 1921, where the number of people living there was about 5000. However, since then, it has been a downward trend.

Climate of Komiža

Thanks to the breeze that comes from the sea to the land, Komiža has one of the most moderate climates in Croatia. Its winters are mild or warm, and summers are warm or hot. Its climate makes it an appropriate place to grow Mediterranean trees and plants like lemons, olives, and grapes.
The major sources of drinking water there are natural like springs or reservoirs, and the vegetation is so fine that it is considered one of the most preserved Islands in the world, according to WHO.


Top Tourist Attractions you should visit in Komiža

There are a lot of fun activities that tourists can opt for when visiting the town of Komiža. These activities are related to a cruising experience, exploring the islands and caves, or walking trips.

We shall discuss some of those tourist attractions and activities in the municipality of Komiža.

1. Church of Our Lady Pirates

This is an old church present in the town. It contains a wooden statue of the Virgin Mary, and it is said that long ago a group of pirates stole that statue and set sail. Not much time passed and the statue was washed back to the shore. Later, it was discovered that the pirates that stole that statue drowned along with their ships .

2. The Green Cave

It is a beautiful location right next to the municipality of Komiža. As you enter this location, you are met with water that shines beautifully like an emerald. It is worth exploring the atmosphere and how only green light gets reflected within the place.

3. Gusarica Beach

It is the main beach next to the town of Komiža. The pricing of apartments and restaurants nearby is not that high, and the view is extremely beautiful. After the cruising experience with us, you would love sunbathing and relaxing at this beach, while gazing at the cottoncandy-like clouds at a distance. The environment there is quite suitable for a peaceful time.

4. Mount Hum 

Luckily for Komiza, Mount Hum, the highest peak on the island and one of the highest peaks in the Adriatic region, is situated extremely close to the town. If you climb this mountain, it gives a beautiful view of the entire town. Especially, at the time of sunset, you would not want to miss out on the view.


Restaurants you need to visit in Komiža

Given its history, this town is mainly known for its seafood. There are a lot of restaurants that tourists are recommended to visit. Few of them are as such:

Restaurant and Wine Bar Hum

It is one of the finest Mediterranean restaurants in the town. Their seafood is spectacular, and much of their focus is on traditional cuisines.
You can order the dish of your choosing, sip on the finest wine, and gaze on to the seashore from where you are sitting. This will be a therapeutic experience for both your body and your mind.

Konoba Barba

This is a beautiful outdoor restaurant that lies on the seaside. Beautiful aromas of various foods, when added to the exquisite scenery, makes it one of the most wonderful restaurants in the region. The food here is prepared with home-cooked ingredients, and the price too is reasonable enough for anyone to afford it.

Konoba Jastožera

This restaurant is located at the South of a unique fortress that was created to connect 2 cliffs, back in the 15th century. They cook fresh meals and prepare them according to their customer’s desires. This place is mostly booked, but it would be worth the wait. The food here is prepared fresh, with seafood directly brought from the ocean.


This is a small café or restaurant that serves the best breakfast in town. It is loved by both the residents and tourists alike, and what makes this place especially lovely is the amazing customer service. The staff there treats you with the utmost respect.

Activities to have fun in Komiža

Out of our 7 days cruise, one day could be spent in Komiža. While some people would love to spend the day in Komiža to rest and relax, for the people burning with youth there are various fun activities they could indulge themselves in. Some of them include:

Tour of the Blue Cave

This place is distinct from the green cave. Komiža offers tourists a trip, on a speed boat, to the Blue cave present near it. The cave makes you feel like you have entered another magical world. As the deep blue light strikes the water below and reflects into the eyes of the tourists, it feels like they’re seeing a universe within a universe.

Hike to Mount Hum

Most tourists to Komiža join a 2-hour hike from the city to the mount of Hum. That mountain is at the peak of the Island, and gives you a view of the place like no other, especially during the sunrise or the sunset. Though, make sure you are well prepared for it.

Exploring the Downtown

After waking up from a good night’s rest, the first thing you should do is to explore the Downtown of Komiža. The atmosphere and the community of the place is phenomenal and would make you want to explore each and every street in the area.
You may also come across beautiful museums, where you will find the most beautiful artifacts, and boutiques, where you will find the finest clothing.

Road Trip to the Island of Vis

After you have explored the municipality of Komiža, the next thing on your to-do list is to take a road trip of the entire island. You will come across beautiful suburbs, ravishing forests, and exemplary historical monuments. It would be a road trip so good; you would even forget to use your camera to record it.

Final Thoughts

If your cruise there is at a Private Charter, you should spend more time in Komiža, as you are not restricted with a predefined schedule. This town, although a small one, has a beautiful culture with amazing people.

Going with the Adriatic cruises would also be a good option, as that trip will divide your schedule through the 7 days of luxury cruising in a way that would give you the maximum fun in the cruising experience.


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